We are back to in-person meetings this semester! We are still looking to fill several presentation slots, so please reach out if you are interested!

When: Mondays 4:30–5:30pm (CST)
Where: Siebel Center, Room 4124 (or via zoom)
Faculty: Charith Mendis, Vikram Adve, Sasa Misailovic, Gagandeep Singh, Lawrence Rauchwerger
Organizers: Vimarsh Sathia, Benjamin Darnell

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

This seminar features student presentations on in-progress or published research, as well as invited external academic and industry speakers. Students enrolled in the seminar for credit are required to present at least once, and may choose to either present their own work or a published paper from a related journal or conference (e.g., PLDI, PPOPP, ASPLOS).

Interested in sharing your work? Send an email to the organizers with the title of your presentation and a link to your paper (if applicable).

Fall 2023 Calendar

Date Discussion Lead Paper/Topic Recording
Aug 21 Charith Mendis Organization Meeting
Sept 4 Labor Day (no class)
Sept 11* Yifan Zhao ApproxCaliper: A Programmable Framework for Application-Aware Neural Network Optimization Video
Sept 18 Stefanos Baziotis A Fast In-Place Interpreter for WebAssembly Video
Haoyang Zhang RipTide: A Programmable, Energy-Minimal Dataflow Compiler and Architecture
Sept 25* Randy Huang, Hongbin Zheng (AWS) A Deep Learning Compiler for Systolic Array based Accelerators
Oct 2 Jacob Laurel Abstractly Interpreting Differentiable Programming Video
Oct 9 Jason Ansel (Meta) PyTorch 2.0: Faster Machine learning through dynamic Python bytecode translation and graph compilation Video
Oct 16 Adrian Sampson (Cornell) The Next 700 Accelerator Design Languages Video
Oct 23 Rohan Yadav (Stanford) Distributed Sparse Computing in Python
Oct 30 Muchen Xu Hydride: A Retargetable and Extensible Synthesis-based Compiler for Modern Hardware Architectures
Nov 6 Vir Narula Pin or Fuse? Exploiting Scratchpad Memory to Reduce Off-Chip Data Transfer in DNN Accelerators
Muyan Hu EinNet: Optimizing Tensor Programs with Derivation-Based Transformations
Nov 20 Fall Break (no class)
Nov 27 Jaeyeon Won (MIT) The Continuous Tensor Abstraction: Where Indices are Real
Dec 4 Milind Kulkarni (Purdue) Beyond Polyhedra: Optimizing Irregular Programs
Dec 11 Finals Week (no class)

*5–6 pm in Room 2405 (Siebel)

See the archive for previous iterations.