Spring 2023 Calendar

Date Discussion Lead Paper/Topic Recording
Jan 30 Yufeng Wang TGOpt: Redundancy-Aware Optimizations for Temporal Graph Attention Networks (original work) Video
Feb 6 Vimarsh Sathia Understanding and Exploiting Optimal Function Inlining Slides
Benjamin Darnell egg: Fast and extensible equality saturation Slides
Feb 13 Xingyao Wang Code4Struct: Code Generation for Few-Shot Structured Prediction from Natural Language (original work) Video
Feb 20 Pavlo Pastaryev Copy-and-patch compilation: a fast compilation algorithm for high-level languages and bytecode Video
Srinjoy Das Alpa: Automating Inter- and Intra-Operator Parallelism for Distributed Deep Learning
Mar 2* Albert Cohen (Google) Machine Learning Compilers: There and Back Again Video
Mar 6 No class
Mar 13 Spring Break (no class)
Mar 20 Jiawei Liu NNSmith: Generating Diverse and Valid Test Cases for Deep Learning Compilers (original work)
Mar 27 Kun Wu PIGEON: Optimizing CUDA Code Generator for End-to-End Training and Inference of Relational Graph Neural Networks (original work) Video
Apr 3 Shubham Ugare Incremental Verification of Neural Networks (original work) Video
Ashitabh Misra Applying Deep Learning to the Cache Replacement Problem
Apr 10 No class
Apr 17 Stefanos Baziotis Dias: Dynamic Rewriting of Pandas Code (original work) Video
Apr 10 No class
May 1 Zachary Tatlock (UW) Relational Equality Saturation in egg Video
May 7 Finals Week (no class)

*Thursday March 2nd, 12:30–1:30 pm in Room 1302 (SC)